Board Members

To view the boundaries of the Moscow School District and Trustee zones, click on this link, Trustee Zones. It is a zip file that will need to be downloaded to your computer. Once downloaded you will need to extract the file and then open it with Google Earth to view the boundaries of the Moscow School District and Trustee Zones.

To view individual trustee zones and legal descriptions, click on the zone below.

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Jim Frenzel Ken Faunce Kim Campbell,
Vice Chair
Dawn Fazio,
Brian Kennedy
Jim Frenzel
Zone 1
Ken Faunce
Zone 2
Kim Campbell
Zone 3
Dawn Fazio
Zone 4
Brian Kennedy, Trustee, Zone 5
Zone 5
(208) 882-3963 (208) 596-0602 (208) 882-8252 (208) 882-0965 208-301-4491

Board of Trustees - Code of Ethics

Board Goals for 2018-2019

1. Increase student engagement.
       a. Implementing Mastery Based Learning.
2. Teachers inspire each student to achieve their maximum potential.
       a. Foster staff learning and collaboration district-wide.
3. Community to be an integral part of long range planning.
       a. Facilities.
       b. Financial.
4. Support staff concerning student emotional and behavioral issues that affect learning.
       a. Training on de-escalation skills.
       b. Training on behavioral management plan development.
5. Strengthen skills in effective leadership within the Board of Trustees.
       a. Review policies and direct revisions to ensure alignment with Negotiation Agreement 
               and current state laws.
       b. Attend trainings to learn new skills and strengthen knowledge of good boardsmanship.