1140.00 | Basic Policy

1140.00 | Basic Policy Loitering or conduct by any person that disrupts the educational process and/or is detrimental to the morals, health, safety, academic learning, or discipline of pupils is prohibited. [Idaho Code 33-512 (11)

  • 1140.01 | Anyone who is not a student or a staff member of the District and who is on school grounds during the workday must secure permission to visit from the principal or his/her designee. Those who fail to do so shall be considered as loiterers under the terms of Idaho Code 33-512 (11)
  • 1140.02 | Persons who by their presence, words, and/or actions, disrupt or interfere with the educational process during the school day or at a school sponsored event or activity, shall be considered in violation of Idaho Code 33-512 (11).
  • 1140.03 | The Board authorizes the superintendent, the principal, or the principal's designee to report those who are in violation of Idaho Code 33-512 (11) to the Moscow Police Department and to file a complaint with the police and the prosecuting attorney's office on behalf of the Board.