6126/00 | World Language Credit by Competency/Proficiency

The Board recognizes the value of preparing students to be global citizens with the skills to communicate in English and other world languages. Students will be assessed in reading, writing, speaking and/or listening in another language and could earn up to a maximum of eight credits and the Seal of Biliteracy. The cost of taking a “National Competence Test” would be the responsibility of the student.
  1. The goal of Competency-based credit is to help students with proficiency in a language other than English earn high school language credits.
  2. The goal of the Seal of Biliteracy is to recognize high levels of World Language proficiency and demonstrated achievement in English Language Arts skills. The Seal of Biliteracy on the transcript is considered a value-added award.
A Seal of Biliteracy may be awarded and added to the high school diplomas and transcripts. In order to receive the Seal of Biliteracy, students are required to provide evidence of language proficiency in both English and another World Language through district approved assessments.