1045.10 | Out of District Meetings

Trustees normally attend workshops, training institutes, and conferences at both the State and national level. It is appropriate that trustee expenditures at these out of district meetings be paid by the District from the general fund. It is the intent of the District to pay all legitimate costs for trustees to attend out of district meetings, at the established rates set by the District, including the following:

  1. Transportation as approved by the Board;
  2. On-site transportation during the course of the meeting, such as bus, taxi, or rental car;
  3. Hotel or motel costs for the trustee, as necessary;
  4. Food costs as necessary;
  5. Telephone services shall be provided for necessary communications with business or family, resulting from the trustee being away from the District; and
  6. Incidental expenditures for tips and other necessary costs attributable to the trustee’s attendance at the meeting.

The District will not reimburse or pay for such items as liquor, expenses of a spouse, separate entertainment, or other unnecessary expenditures.

Depending upon the circumstances and dollar values at issue, the District may be required to report reimbursements consistent with IRS regulations. Tax consequences may be applicable. However, if such a circumstance does occur, Trustees would need to talk to their individual tax preparers regarding tax implications and possible deductions  for expenses.