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  • EasyBib
    This FREE online citation generator will help you correctly format any of 59 specific types of resources! Try it out!
  • Citation Machine
    Its primary goal is to make it so easy for student researchers to cite their information sources, that there is virtually no reason not to!
  • Bibme
    This fully automatic bibliography maker auto-fills to make creating citations easy.

PLAGIARISM logo provides information on plagiarism and best practices for ensuring originality in written work.



Merriam-Webster Online logo Merriam-Webster Online provides a variety of research tools including an online dictionary, a thesaurus, a Spanish-English dictionary, a medical dictionary, and a concise encyclopedia. Their online dictionary includes most sections of the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition. Fun quizzes and information appear on the home page.