1011.00 | Nomination Requirements

Each trustee shall at the time of his nomination and election, or appointment be a school district elector of this District and a resident of the trustee zone from which nominated and elected, or appointed. In the event that a vacancy shall be declared as provided in Idaho Code 33-504, and the Board is unable to appoint a trustee from the zone vacated after ninety (90) days, the Board may appoint a person at-large from within the boundaries of the District to serve as the trustee from the zone where the vacancy occurred. [Idaho Code 33-501]

Any person legally qualified to hold the office of school trustee may file a Declaration of Candidacy for the office. The Declaration shall bear the name of the candidate, state the term for which the Declaration of Candidacy is made, and bear the signatures of not less than five (5) school district electors who reside in the same trustee zone as the candidate. The Declaration shall be filed with the clerk of the Board of Trustees of the District not later than 5:00 p.m. on the fifth Friday preceding the day of election of trustees. [Idaho Code 33-502]