1040.00 | Basic Principles

The Board of Trustees is the Governing Board of the Moscow School District No. 281 of Latah County, Moscow, Idaho. Its legal authority is determined by the State Constitution, the statutes of the State Legislature, regulations of the State Board of Education, and that authority conferred by school district elections.

The Board of Trustees shall be the policy making body of the District. [Idaho Code 33-506 (1)] With the assistance of the Superintendent and his/her staff, the Board shall establish general policies governing the operation of the District. Adoption of these written policies shall be the principal means by which the Governing Board shall exercise its leadership. The study and evaluation of reports concerning the execution of its written policies shall constitute the basic method by which the Governing Body shall determine the effectiveness of the operation of the school system.

The Superintendent is authorized to devise and use administrative rules and regulations to implement Board policy.