1041.00 | Major Functions

The eleven major functions of the Board of Trustees may be listed as follows:

  1. To establish the educational policy of the District.
  2. To determine the personnel policies of the District.
  3. To select and employ a well-qualified professional school administrator to manage the District.
  4. To establish the educational and administrative structure of the District.
  5. To employ the necessary personnel upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.
  6. To provide for the physical plant and equipment and maintenance thereof.
  7. To assume and carry out responsibilities for raising, spending, and accounting for funds to support the District.
  8. To evaluate the accomplishments of the District.
  9. To plan for continued effectiveness and further improvement of the District.
  10. To delegate to the Superintendent the authority to execute all established policies of the Board of Trustees. 
  11. To develop goals as a board that will assure patrons of the school district that they are providing ongoing effective leadership for the school system as part of annually self-evaluating their actions as the governing board.