1220.00 | School Safety Protocol

Moscow School District is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment. All schools shall establish safety procedures to include, at minimum, the following:

  1. Fire and Emergency Drills
  2. Bomb Threats
  3. Lock Downs
  4. Handling Student Injuries
  5. Evacuation Procedures
  6. Snow or Emergency Closure
  7. Regulations for Building Access
  8. Regulations for Daily Building Security
  9. Building and Systems Information
  10. Staff Information
  11. Student Information
  12. List of Telephone/Cell Phone Numbers

The District shall establish and maintain a chain of command for managing emergencies with particular direction for managing emergency/crisis situations in the absence of the building administrator.

The roles of all building staff members will be identified in a safety protocol that shall be reviewed annually in the fall with all faculties at each site. Additional training shall be provided annually to individuals with lead roles in managing emergency situations.

A manual containing the above listed safety procedures will be available in each classroom. A separate manual or folder for substitutes containing essential safety procedures listed above will also be available in every classroom.

The District will establish and maintain an interaction plan with local agencies to include the police department, sheriff, fire department, ambulance services, Department of Health, and the American Red Cross.