7100.00 | Basic Policy

School facilities are made available to the community within the Moscow School District, under capable and responsible adult supervision, for education, civic, cultural, and other non-commercial uses. School facilities should be used by the citizens of the school district for the betterment of all and the best use of tax dollars. Organizations outside the Moscow School District boundaries will be given consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Realizing that the demand for the use of facilities may exceed the capacity and to assure that district facilities best serve the community, the following rules, regulations, priorities and conditions have been established:

  1. District facilities and equipment are primarily for school purposes and will not be available for public use when there is a conflict with school programs.
  2. Programs include, but are not limited to, academic, athletic, clubs and groups operating under the authority of the District.
  3. District school programs will have precedent when scheduling, reserving, and use of facilities.