7200.00 | Basic Policy

The Board believes it is the responsibility of each Board member, as well as each employee of the District, to actively pursue a two-way communications program that highlights the educational opportunities in the District and promotes effective school/home/ community partnerships. (1-22-02)

The Board recognizes that citizens have a right to know what is occurring in their District; that Board members, administrators, and teachers have an obligation to see that all publics are kept informed; and that the District will benefit from ensuring that audiences receive all information, directly from the District. (1-22-02)

The Board therefore reaffirms its commitment to openness in relationships with its publics. The Board further believes that the citizens as well as the staff and students should be consulted and involved in the problem-solving and decision-making processes as early as possible. This involvement should be solicited actively and honestly through a wide variety of means. (1-22-02)

The Superintendent or Superintendent's designee will coordinate a District Communications Committee that will write, implement, and evaluate a communications plan that supports the District's Strategic Plan. The plan will address the communications to both internal and external audiences. The internal audiences are our staff, students, and Board of Trustees. The external audiences are the parents and community members. (1-22-02)