Using the MMS Library Destiny Catalog

 Image of a basic library catalog search screen with directions

The MMS Library catalog can be accessed through the Moscow School District website. Navigate to District Schools>District Libraries>Moscow Middle School Library.

The basic search feature of the Moscow Middle School Destiny Library Catalog is simple to use allowing quick access to library and online resources.  There are five search types to choose from  when using the basic search feature: Keyword, title, author, subject, or series.  Each search type has a purpose depending in the type of information or resources needed. 

The hold feature of the library catalog is used to reserve books that are popular, but it can also be used to reserve an available book for a later pickup at the library.

Search limiters within the library catalog can be used to limit search results to a specified reading and interest level range.

One Search is a search engine within the Destiny Library Catalog.  This integrated search engine allows for the simultaneous searching of library materials and online resources.  One Search is automatically activated with every search.

All resources found through the Destiny Library Catalog and One Search can be saved to resource lists within the user's library account. Online resources and electronic resources will open directly from the resource list.