Forward February!!!


Moscow School District Patrons, Parents, Staff Members, and Students,

I want to thank all of you for sharing my optimism for the Moscow School District in January. I had so many people comment to me or visit with me about great things that are happening for our kids and in our schools. Our District is full of kind and caring staff that are a true reflection of our overall community! As we examine our future and fling forward into the fabulous month of February, it occurred to me that I should declare this month “Moving Forward February”!

In line with that focus, we are facilitating a series of five forums fixated on the future of our facilities. A chance to focus on you and your friends and hear about your feelings and future hopes and fears. These forums will occur in a flexible variety of facilities and formats. Please feel free to attend! I am attaching a flyer that will help to facilitate your decision making, but I personally encourage you to attend at least one function and feed further discussion through your participation if feasible… See what I did there??? Fabulous!! Ok, enough fanatical alliteration, I will fulfill my duties and finish.

There is an event on every on variety of days and times this month. Again, please don’t feel obligated to speak at or attend every event. The point of having 5 different meetings is not to make you attend 5 meetings but to give you options and to know that regardless of the choice, your voice will be heard by the Moscow School Board! In addition, if you are not able to attend or prefer not to speak to groups of people you are always welcome to fill out a comment card digitally or in person at an event!  All comments will become a part of the public record and be reviewed and utilized by the board to assist in their decision making moving forward.

Moving forward, I hope to see you at an event, and I am excited about the conversation. PLEASE feel free to share this flyer with others in our community, including businesses, neighbors, and friends who may be interested! The thoughts and opinions of all of those who either reside or work in our district will be prioritized. Happy Forward February!

Shawn Tiegs


Moscow School District

Online Monday, February 19 Registration Link
Online Friday, February 23 Registration Link

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