3-5 Links

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funbrain logo
Fun and interactive learning games for K-5.
whyfiles logo
Current science news and cool facts. 3-5.
turtlediary logo
Games, books, videos, biographies and more for K-5.
PBS Kids
Fizzy's Lunch Lab
Games, activities and recipes to learn about good fun foods. K-5.

Visit Safety Land to learn all about internet safety. 2-5.
smithsonianeducation logo
Explore art, science, nature, history and cultures through games, activities and quizzes. 3-5.
TIME for kids logo
Current news for kids, international country facts and information and more! 3-5.
encyclopedia.com logo
Get facts, information, biographies, and definitions with online encyclopedias and dictionaries. 3-5.
Wonderopolis logo
A place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery
code.org logo
Fun coding games
Speed typing - authentic speed test and games.
Fact Monster logo
Brief facts about everything you can images. K-8.
Free typing games and
homework help
nasa logo
NASA for students in Kindergarten to 4th Grade
Punnet Square logo
Wallace, Gromit and friends STEM activities
STEM design and build activities
Punnet Square logo
Minecraft fan - download foldable instructions for cubic characters

Learn how to be safe online with internet safety and cyberbullying tips
time logo
Time for Kids
no login needed, just select your grade.
Learning | Idaho Parks & Recreation
PBS Science for kids!
PBS Science for girls!

Art for Kids - How to draw YouTube channel

Awesome Science and Stem Topics
nih logo
NIH Kids Health games, activities and lessons.