School Year Committees

Administrative Council

Audit Committee

Calendar Committee

Crisis Assistance Team

District Curriculum and Assessment Committee

School Facilities Planning Committee

Harmony Committee

Insurance Committee

Late Night Program

Memorial Review Committee

Moscow Mentors Advisory Board

Professional Development Committee

Sick Leave Bank Committee

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

District Technology Committee

Committee Responsibilities

In the Moscow School District, several committees have been created by the Board of Trustees and/or the administration. The committees provide recommendations for action, advise the decision-makers, develop proposals and/or provide communications within the District. Some committees meet on a continuing basis while others are temporary and meet only for a limited amount of time. Administration, faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members at-large have representation on many committees.

In addition to the committees, there are support teams that provide assistance to students, faculty and administration. A primary mission of most support teams is to provide communications and advice to the staff and administration under specific circumstances. They also assist students and provide support for many school activities.

Committees and support teams should:

  1. consider input in relation to district goals and needs,
  2. attempt to reach a consensus before any recommendations are submitted,
  3. share recommendations with the Superintendent, Administrative Council, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee or any appropriate group or entity,
  4. reconsider and possibly adjust recommendations when requested to do so by the Superintendent, Administrative Council or the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, and
  5. be given reasons when recommendations are not supported by the Superintendent, Administrative Council, the Strategic Plan Steering Committee or the Board of Trustees.

Committee and support team members should:

  1. attend each meeting and complete committee assignments,
  2. send a representative (when appropriate) or review the committee discussions and actions with another member when attendance is not possible, and
  3. inform building administrators and/or their constituent groups of committee decisions and recommendations.