3360.00 | Travel Allowances and Expenses

Every district employee and board trustee will be reimbursed for travel expenses while traveling inside and outside of the District engaged in official District business. Prior approval for employees must be granted by the employee’s supervisor and/or the Superintendent prior to traveling. In the case of board member’s travel, reimbursement will only be granted if the purpose of the travel is approved by the Board. All travel expenses must be reported on the established travel reimbursement form.  The travel reimbursement form includes per diem allotments and a mileage calculator. For all other approved expenses incurred, detailed receipts will be required. Failure to provide a detailed receipt will make the expense non-reimbursable. In exceptional circumstances, the Business Office may allow a claim without proper receipt(s). Written documentation explaining the exceptional circumstances will be maintained as part of the District’s record of claim.  The Superintendent and Board of Trustees shall submit such documentation to the Business Office.  Expenses not in compliance with this policy shall not be reimbursed or paid by the Board.

The District Business Office will be responsible for the development of procedures and forms to be used in connection with travel expense reimbursements.