COVID Testing Information

VAULT Testing 

Test must be done between 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST due to Zoom requirements.

  • Use the QR Code
  • If not using the QR Code, the site is COVID.VLT.CO (not .com)
  • Use Chrome or Safari (Do not use Internet Explorer)
  • Requires online registration with Zoom link
  • Using Zoom, a nurse comes on and monitors putting saliva in the tube. 
  • Complete the registration prior to opening the test
  • Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes prior to taking the test
  • You can drop test off at a UPS Store or request pickup from your home.
  • Put the tube back in the padded envelope and tape it shut before putting in the pre-paid envelope
December 4, 2020
 Test Type    Saliva-based PCR (Rutgers Test) - IBX - Infinity Biologix
 Turnaround Time    24-72 hours
  • IDHW (Idaho Department of Health & Welfare)  purchased bulk tests to stage at the Public Health Districts and facilities/entities for priority populations
  • Individuals will need to register for the test at COVID.VLT.CO (not .com)
  • The test can be taken at the facility/entity or at home
  • The test needs to be witnessed by a person. There is no special medical training needed to witness the test. Staff need to be trained with the PPT slides from VAULT
  • Tests administered in person at the facility/entity will be the easiest to witness. Staff can also watch the individual on a video chat or Zoom call if needed
  • VAULT covers the standing orders for the tests
  • Each test has a prepaid UPS mailer. Individuals complete the registration, take the test, put the test in the biohazard bag, put the bag with the test back in the padded envelope and tape it shut, and put the padded envelope in the prepaid mailer.
  • Samples need to be taken to a UPS Store. Do not drop the samples at one of the secondary UPS "access points" or freestanding drop boxes that may accept packages but don't always offer the full range of UPS services (e.g., next day air).
  • To find a UPS store to drop off samples, visit the website at:
Billing, Cost,  Reimbursement    IDHW has paid for the tests and analysis
  • Individuals tested will get their reports by email or by logging onto the COVID.VLT.CO site for results
  • VAULT will report all results to IDHW