Student Discipline

Board Policy 8015.10 - Student Discipline

The bus driver shall first endeavor to convey to the student the seriousness of the violation of any of the Student Bust Conduct Rules (Appendix A). Upon continued violation, the driver shall report the incident(s) to the appropriate school principal and the Transportation Supervisor.
  1. On the first offense, the parent/guardian, student and Transportation Supervisor will have a conference to discuss and resolve the problem. The parent, student, and principal will be advised concerning the action to be taken if the problem continues. This will be considered a first warning and the student may be assigned a seat for a specific period.
  2. On the second offense, the Transportation Supervisor will contact the parent/guardian and advise the parent/guardian that bus privileges may be withdrawn for five (5) school days.
  3. On the third offense, the parent/guardian, student, Transportation Supervisor, and the principal will have a conference. The student may be excluded from bus transportation a minimum of ten (10) school days, and if the offense is serious enough, for the remainder of the school year.