8580.00 | Use of Kitchen Facilities & Equipment

Requests are made through the district’s online Facilities Use Request. Approval by the Student Nutrition Supervisor must be given if an individual or an organization requests the use of a school kitchen or equipment. A food service employee must be hired and on duty for the entire time that the kitchen is open when kitchen equipment is used per Board Policy 7101.00.  

If an organization uses the kitchen equipment, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. The food service employee must be paid at the rate set by the district.
  2. The food service employee will be responsible to see that equipment is properly used for safety and sanitation. The food service employee will assist as needed, but the primary responsibility for the work remains with the leasing organization.
  3. The food service employee will check to see that storage areas, refrigeration, and freezers are locked and that the kitchen is left in an orderly manner. 
Any damage to the equipment, facilities, or supplies and the repair and/or replacement will be charged to the sponsoring group.