3210.00 | Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Materials

Any and all equipment that is worn out and/ or no longer desirable for use by a school must be sent to the warehouse as surplus. Warehouse personnel will notify the Operations Director by make, model, and serial number or other distinctive characteristics of the item.  

The Board may sell personal property, with an estimated value of less than one thousand dollars ($1,000), without appraisal, by sealed bid or a public auction, provided that there has been one (1) single notice of publication to the sale of said property.  If the personal property has an estimated value of less than five hundred dollars ($500), the property may be disposed of in the most cost-effective and expedient manner by the District’s Operations Director empowered for that purpose by the Board, provided however, that the Board is notified prior to disposal of said property. [Idaho Code 33-601 (4) (a) (1)

The Board may exchange real and personal property for other property if the Board determines the consideration received is adequate. The Board may also transfer or convey any real or personal property owned by the District to the government of the United States, or any city, county, state entity, hospital district, other school district, library district, community college district, or recreation district either with or without consideration, when in the judgment of the Board it is in the interest of the District to make such a transfer or conveyance. Such transfer or conveyance must occur by resolution duly adopted by a majority of the Trustees. Prior to any transfer or conveyance of any real or personal property pursuant to this paragraph, the Board shall have the property appraised by an appraiser certified in the State of Idaho. The appraisal shall be entered into the records of the Board of Trustees, and shall be used to establish the value of the real or personal property.  The Board of Trustees may elect to abstain from an appraisal of the personal property if the estimated value is less than five thousand dollars ($5,000).  [Idaho Code 33-601 (4) (b)]