3350.00 | Relations with Vendors

All financial and business transactions of the District shall be carried out in conformity with the law and consistent with sound ethical business practices per Idaho Code 67-92. All purchasing decisions shall be made on the basis of objectivity and shall not be influenced by friendship or other personal relationships.

Code of Conduct:
  1. Conduct business honestly, openly, and with integrity.
  2. Avoid conflicts of interest situations by not conducting business with a company or firm in which the official or any member of the official's family has a vested interest.
  3. Avoid preferential treatment of one outside interest group, company, or individual over another.
  4. Avoid using the position for personal gain.
  5. Never accept or offer illegal payment for services rendered.
  6. Refrain from accepting gifts, free services, or anything of value for or because of any act performed or withheld.
  7. Permit the use of school property only for officially authorized activities.
  8. Refrain from soliciting contributions from subordinated, or outside sources for gifts or donations to a superior. [Idaho Codes 33-506 (1), 33-507, 18-1352]