3420.00 | Student Activity Funds

The Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee to establish procedures for the collection and expenditure of student activity funds to promote the general welfare, education, and morale of all students to finance the normal legitimate co-curricular activities of the school. These funds are to be maintained as agency funds.

Definition. A Student Activity Fund is an agency fund that is custodial in nature. The fund will control, account for, and report receipts, deposits, expenditures, assets, liabilities, and fund balances for school related activities as:

  1. Admission charges for interscholastic activities,
  2. Publications,
  3. Clubs,
  4. Student organizations,
  5. Student activities,
  6. Student fee collections which are used to provide more than one (1) activity or benefit to all of the students of a school or school building.

All funds collected by the schools shall be maintained in accounts requiring two authorized signatures for the distribution of funds. One signature shall be a person designated by the Board as an Assistant Treasurer of the District; the other signature shall be by a person authorized by the Board to be a designated counter-signer. All disbursements from these funds shall be made by regular bank check. A report of the activity in these funds shall be submitted to the Board each month.  [Idaho Code 33-509A]

The Superintendent or designee shall provide accounting procedures for the receipt, deposit, and withdrawal of funds. The principal is the person responsible for the proper collection, disbursement, and control of all school activity funds. This includes providing for the safekeeping of monies, proper accounting and administration of the funds, and compliance with Board of Trustees policies and District procedures. 

Projects for raising of funds shall generally contribute to the educational experience of students and shall not detract from the instructional program. All fundraising projects must have the approval of the principal. Solicitation of funds outside the school must have approval of the Superintendent.

The funds shall be deposited and expended by regular check in a bank account maintained by the District for each student activity fund. The use of the student extra- and co-curricular funds is limited to the benefit of the students. All funds collected or received for school programs, activities, or student use are, by Idaho law, public monies; and the care, custody, control, and accounting for such monies is the duty and responsibility of the Treasurer and the administrative officer of the District. The treasurer of the District shall provide accounting procedures for the receipt, deposit, expenditure, and withdrawal of such monies.