3710.00 | Extracurricular Financing Basic Policy

The District will provide the following for the activities program of secondary schools. All other expenses must be met through the activity accounts or by the individual participating students. The Superintendent will make any interpretations needed.

  1. Salary/Benefit cost for coaches.
  2. Transportation cost for groups to local area music clinics and festivals, but not for performing or “award” trips. Transportation cost for the athletic program, music program, and “no-cut” program in the middle school. 
  3. Transportation cost for squads from the high school for those athletic teams and activities recognized by the Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA).
  4. Some equipment used for both PE and for an activity. When such an expense is incurred mostly for the activity, the expense may be prorated. The District will honor only those expenditures made through the regular purchasing procedures of the District.
  5. Towels, soap, and laundry service.
  6. Facilities and permanent equipment.
  7. Transportation cost for academic competitions within fifty (50) miles of Moscow or for national travel for advisors.
  8. Academic competitions approved under Policy 6032.00, Financing Students to Academic Competition, will fund the cost of travel through the funds provided for that purpose. If travel costs exceed the allocation, fundraising/donations may be needed to cover the additional expense.
  9. Activities of clubs, student organizations, or groups of students will fund the cost of transportation through activity accounts or individual students.