5021.20 | In-District Transfers

The District will participate in the in-district open enrollment option described in Idaho Code, Section 33-1402.

  1. Assignment of students to schools will be done based on parent/guardian request. Class assignment within the school is based on equalization of class loads within the selected building. The District reserves the right to reassign any student for equalization. This can include involuntary assignment to another school.
  2. Application for a student to attend an elementary school in an attendance area other than the designated area are valid for one (1) year only and the Open Enrollment Form is to be submitted to the Superintendent or superintendent’s designee by February 1 for the upcoming school year. After the first year, an Intent to Return form must be submitted by February 1. After two (2) years, it will be a permanent placement at that school.
  3. A waiting list will be established from which non-attendance area students will be admitted to a requested school by date of application within their qualifying grouping as identified in 5023.00 (A) (4) to be placed when openings occur.
  4. If a student is receiving Special Education services and the change may result in a disruption of services, a review of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be made prior to any change.
  5. Parents are responsible for transportation of the transferred student to the school to which the student is assigned.
  6. Students/families who in mid-year move to a new attendance zone must fill out an Open Enrollment Form to stay in their school.  An Intent to Return form will then be required for the next school year and is due by February 1.