5030.00 | Dual Enrollment and Attendance

The District will implement procedures to enroll students that meet the requirements as given in Idaho Code 33-203 and any stipulations outlined by the Idaho State Board of Education, or as given in the subsections of this policy below. 

5030.01 - A child of school age, who is enrolled in a nonpublic school, and who has not graduated from high school or obtained a GED graduation equivalent, shall be allowed to enroll in any of the District's programs for dual enrollment purposes, subject to the same requirements as other students who are enrolled full-time in the District, to the requirements set forth in Idaho Code and District Policy, and to the following maximums set by the Board:

Enrollment will not cause the grade level, class, or program ratios in the building or in the District to exceed:

19:1 | Grades K-3
24:1 | Grades 4-6
25:1 | Grades 7-12
10:1 | Grades K-12 (Special Programs)

Note: Dual enrollment is not applicable to the District's special education program. The District's policies and procedures for this program can be found in the Idaho Special Education Manual.

See Policy Section 5054.00 regarding scholastic eligibility for extracurricular activities.

50230.02 - A nonpublic school student attending and participating in nonacademic school activities must reside within the attendance boundaries of the school in which the student seeks to participate. 

5030.03 - Oversight of academic standards relating to participation in nonacademic activities shall be the responsibility of the primary educational provider for that student. 

5030.04 - Transportation by school bus may be provided if the student would otherwise be eligible for transportation, and there is no resulting change in scheduling or bus routes.