5054.01 | Definitions


The District will comply with all Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) rules regarding eligibility for and participation in IHSAA activities. In addition, the IHASS rules are supplemented by District policy and pertain to student participation 7-12. (3-26-02)


To participate in any co-curricular activity, students must have passed at least five (5) classes the previous semester. Credits earned through correspondence study, alternative school, or summer school may be included in the calculation of the number of courses passed during the prior semester.

Students participating in co-curricular activities who receive two or more grades below a “C”at the six and/or twelve-week grading period at Moscow High School and the nine-week grading period at Moscow Middle School will be placed on co-curricular academic probation. Written notice of the co-curricular academic probation and the possible ineligibility to participate in co-curricular activities during the next semester will be provided to the student's parent(s) and coaches/advisors. (8-28-12)

Any student on co-curricular academic probation must sign a written contract agreeing to comply with the terms of the probation. Failure to sign the contract and/or comply with its terms may result in academic ineligibility from participation in co-curricular activities during the period of probation. (3-26-02)


The activities director and/or school principal will meet with the students on academic probation who are currently involved in co-curricular activities to discuss their grades and what can be done to improve them. (3-26-02)


The activities director will encourage and assist students and advisors to arrange study tables and tutorial help for students on activities academic probation. (3-26-02)


Activity coaches/advisors will establish their own academic eligibility checks that exceed the frequency of the checks outlined above, and to actively promote academic excellence. (3-26-02)


Any student who withdraws from a class in which he/she has a grade of “F” or “I,” the end result being that the student is no longer passing at least five (5) classes, to gain eligibility for participation in co-curricular activities under dual enrollment, becomes ineligible for the remainder of the school year in which he/she withdraws and the subsequent school year. (3-26-02)


Students in grades 7 and 8 and incoming freshmen who are declared academically ineligible may file an appeal. The appeal must be submitted to the building principal. It will be heard by the Superintendent and then subsequently by the Board of Trustees. (3-26-02)


Students in grades 10-12 and second semester freshmen who are declared academically ineligible to participate in co-curricular activities governed by the Idaho High School Activities Association may submit appeals to the Executive Director of the Idaho High School Activities Association. The appeal shall be in writing and filed with the Executive Director through the Moscow High School Principal. All other students determined to be ineligible for participation in co-curricular activities may appeal the decision to the Superintendent. If the Superintendent affirms the principal's decision, the student may appeal to the Board of Trustees. (3-26-02)