5056.01 | Locker/Desk/Storage Area Searches

All lockers and other storage areas provided for student use on school premises remain the property of the School District. These lockers and other storage areas are subject to inspection, access for maintenance, and search pursuant to this policy. No student shall lock or otherwise impede access to any locker or storage area except with a lock provided by or approved by the principal of the school in which the locker or storage area is located. Unapproved locks shall be removed and destroyed.

  1. The principal, or a member of the administrative staff designated in writing by the principal, will search a locker and its contents when the person or the principal designee has reasonable cause for a search of the locker. Where the locker to be searched is assigned to a particular student and that student is on the school premises at the time of the search, and no danger to the student is apparent, the student shall be notified and given the option to be present during the search.
  2. The principal, a member of the administrative staff, or a teacher may search a desk or any other storage area on the school premises other than a locker when the person conducting the search has reasonable cause. (3-26-02)