5070.01 | Philosophy and Objectives

School activities play an integral part of the total educational process of students enrolled in the Moscow School District. Because activities provide an educational opportunity, participants and coaches/advisors strive to meet the following objectives:

  • Promote and contribute to the goals of the total educational program
  • Promote good citizenship and respect for rules and authority
  • Promote involvement and community interest in activities
  • Promote good sportsmanship
  • Learn the value of competitive participation
  • Development of individual and team skills
  • Practice good health habits
  • Practice physical, intellectual, and artistic development
  • Represent the school and community in a positive manner

If students choose to participate in activities they do so voluntarily, and, therefore, there are expectations beyond those required of students who do not wish to participate in activities. These include maintaining academic eligibility, abiding by rules set forth by the coach/advisor, and setting high standards for behavior. Moreover, commitment to activities requires that participants refrain from the use or possession of controlled substances. Participation in activities is not considered to be a right, but rather, it is a privilege. Those students who violate the “Co-curricular Substance Abuse Policy” shall be subject to discipline that may include permanent removal from participation in school district activities. Additionally, the Moscow School District Board of Trustees, by adopting this policy, hopes to decrease peer pressure to use controlled substances on student participating in activities. (3-26-02)