5070.07 | Penalties

  1. First Violation
    1. The participant shall be suspended for 50% of the sport season/semester from participating in any game, contest, competition, or event. For athletics, cheerleaders, and pep band, the number of contests per season (rather than the calendar year) shall be used to determine the length of the suspension.
    2. In the event that a student self-reports the violation, either voluntarily or upon being questioned by a coach, activities director, or administrator, the suspension will be reduced to 25% of the season/semester.
    3. If a police citation is given related to the use of controlled substances, the student must self-report within 72 hours of the citation, or when questioned by a school official if less than 72 hours have elapsed, for the reduction in suspension to be granted.
    4. For controlled substance violations, the student must also attend a controlled substance education program approved by the school district before he/she is eligible for reinstatement. The cost of the program will be borne by the participant and/or his/her parents. Failure to complete the program will result in continued suspension from activities.
    5. For activities with performances/contests, students must attend all practices and performances/contests while suspended. Failure to do so will result in continued suspension from activities. For all other activities such as student council, students will not be allowed to participate while suspended.
    6. When the full penalty cannot be imposed, the remaining portion of the suspension will be carried over and served during the next activity participated in by the student.
    7. A participant must conclude the season/semester with any activity that is used to finish a penalty from a previous season/semester. Failure to complete the activity will result in the penalty being carried over to the next activity participated in by the student.
    8. When a student commits a violation during the school year during a period of time when he/she is not involved in any activity covered by this policy, the violation will be recorded but no punishment rendered. However, when the student subsequently becomes involved in an activity, the student will begin the activity with one violation on his/her record. The first violation that occurs while involved in an activity will then automatically be treated as a second violation. If a student commits two or more violations while not involved in an activity, or as a combination of out-of-season and in-season violations, the student will have two violations recorded on the record as he/she enters a new activity. A subsequent in-season violation will result in the offense being treated as a third violation.(3-26-02)
  2. Second Violation
    1. A participant who commits a second violation shall be suspended from all participation in co-curricular activities for one calendar year from the date it is determined that a second violation occurred.
    2. In addition, for a second alcohol or drug violation, the participant must undergo a drug and alcohol assessment program approved by the school district, comply with the recommendations of the professional conducting the test assessment, and provide documentation of the assessment and compliance with the recommendations in order to be eligible for reinstatement at the end of the calendar year. The expenses of the assessment and any actions necessary to comply with the recommendations must be borne by the student and his/her parents. (3-26-02)
  3. Third Violation
    1. A participant in grades 9-12 who commits a third violation shall be suspended from participation in activities for the remainder of his/her high school career. (3-26-02)