5101.00 | General Fund Raising Activities

Fund raising activities associated with the school district must be approved by building administration prior to initiation of the fundraiser. The following information must be provided for the request to be considered: identification of the name of the organization completing the fundraiser, person responsible for oversight, purpose, and time frame of the fundraiser. Fund raising activities will not be scheduled or items purchased for such activities without consent of the building administration. All contractual agreements for fundraising must be agreed upon and signed by the superintendent. (3-29-16)

  1. Contests within the schools must be approved by the building administrator.
  2. Fund raising by charging admission to performances or sales, etc., within the individual schools will be permitted, subject to approval by the building principals.
  3. All funds raised must be processed through the school’s accounting system.
  4. All resale items are subject to the current sales tax and must be reported.
  5. Pupils shall be permitted on their own initiative to raise a fund among themselves for flowers in case of severe illness or death of a schoolmate or teacher.
  6. Parent/patron organizations that have been officially recognized by the Board of Trustees may distribute fund raising announcements to students provided that announcements indicate the name of the parent/patron organization. (3-29-16)