5154.00 | Police Interviews

In the event a member of a law enforcement agency requests an interview with a student during school hours, school personnel will adhere to the following:

  1. Treat the representative of the law enforcement agency with courtesy.
  2. Contact the Superintendent or superintendent's designee and parent or parents of the student to be interviewed and advise them of the circumstances. Request that one or both parents be present at the interview.
  3. Should the parent not be able to come to the school and should the parent not wish the child interviewed at school, so advise the officer.
  4. If the officer indicates that to do otherwise would be considered an obstruction of justice, provide the student for an interview and notify the parents of the circumstances.
  5. School authorities will not permit a student to leave the school with an officer of the law unless that student's parent is present and consents, or unless a police detention order is declared or a formal arrest is made.
  6. School authorities will permit a student to leave the school with a Youth Services official, if that is court-ordered and/or the parent has given written permission for such a release. (8-26-03)