5160.01 | Reporting of Abuse Abandonment or Neglect

  1. Any Moscow School District employee having reason to believe that a student has been abused, abandoned or neglected or who observes the student being subjected to conditions or circumstances which would reasonably result in abuse, abandonment or neglect shall report or cause to be reported within twenty-four (24) hours such conditions or circumstances to the proper law enforcement agency or Child Protection Services of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The employee shall also inform a building administrator, either before or after the report to law enforcement or Child Protection Services, and complete a Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Form. (See Forms Section) This form will be kept on file for future reference and as documentation of the report. [IC 16-1605 (1)] (12-15-09)
  2. Failure to report as required in this section shall be a misdemeanor. [IC 16-1606 (4)] (12-15-09)