5200.00 | Failure

Failure. Pupils may be required to repeat a grade or a course whenever the teacher, with administrative approval, decides that the best interest of the pupil will be served. All retentions must be discussed with parents or guardians. All student retentions shall be reported by the principal to the Superintendent at the end of the academic year. (See the Student Retention Form requesting documentation of staff-parent conferences, a program to address skill deficiencies, and parent approval to be on file.) (3-26-02)


No student may be failed in any grade or subject without the parent having prior knowledge through conferences or reports that such a possibility may occur. Lifetime transcript grades at Moscow Senior High School are posted at the end of each semester (18 weeks); therefore, the two mid-semester report cards (distributed at six-week and twelve-week intervals) shall serve as prior knowledge and as a warning of possible failure to all Moscow High School parents/guardians. Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged for the purpose of avoiding such failures. A report of all failures is to be made by the principal to the Superintendent at the end of each academic year. (See Student Retention/Course Failure Summary) (3-26-02)


Parents' request for retention of a student in grades seven through twelve (7-12), for other than academic reasons, must be approved by the Board of Trustees. (3-26-02)


Effective July 1, 2010, all students in grades seven and eight will earn one (1) middle level credit per semester for each passed course with a grade of D or above. With the exception of Algebra I, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Foreign Language, these credits will not count toward high school graduation. Students in grades seven and eight must pass 80% of their classes each year to progress to the next grade level. In addition, if a student fails two (2) semesters of the same course in Math, Science, Social Studies or English the course will need to be repeated. (8-28-12)

If a student is in jeopardy of not meeting the promotion requirements, a Panel Review will take place. The Panel will include the student's teacher team, counselor, and administrator. The Panel shall specify a Remediation Plan for school success. Students who are required to complete a Remediation Plan must submit their completed plan to the Moscow Middle School Principal at least thirty (30) days before the start of the next school year to be considered for promotion. If a student successfully completes the Remediation Plan, he/she will be promoted. If the plan is not successfully completed, the student will be retained. [IDAPA] (8-28-12)