6060.70 | Notification of Rights and Procedures

The Superintendent or designee shall notify students' parents/guardians of the following:

  1. This policy is available upon request in its full format for public review at any school or the District administrative offices.
  2. Parents/guardians may opt their child out of participation in these activities as provided in this policy by writing the principal of their student's school.
  3. The District participates in the State's collection of information each spring. Other surveys are handled individually to see if they meet the mission of the District.
  4. Parents/guardians may request access to any survey or other material described in this policy by writing the Superintendent.
  5. This notification shall be given parents/guardians at least annually at the beginning of the school year and within a reasonable period after any substantive changes in this policy.
  6. The rights provided to parent/guardians in this policy transfer to the student, when the student turns 18 years of age or is an emancipated minor. (4-29-03)