6077.20 | Selection Policy of the Moscow School Libraries

The following principles guide the selection of books and other materials for the collection of the Moscow School Libraries:

A. The legal responsibility for the purchase of all instructional material is vested in the Board of Trustees. Responsibility for selection of library materials has been delegated to the library media teacher with the approval of the school principal.

B. Selection of library materials will adhere to the principles of the Library Bill of Rights. (SeeAppendix B, Library Bill of Rights)

C. The library media teacher is charged with the responsibility of identifying, ordering, and organizing materials which will implement, enrich, and support the educational program and meets the needs, interests, goals, concerns and abilities of students.

D. In the final selection of materials, the library media teacher shall use the wealth of reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared, selection aids available as well as suggestions from teachers, administrators, and students.

E. Selection criteria include:

  1. Educational significance
  2. Value to the collection
  3. Reputation and significance of author or producer
  4. Clarity, adequacy, and scope
  5. Validity, accuracy, objectivity, and appropriateness
  6. Organization and presentation of contents
  7. Readability 8. Artistic quality and literary style
  8. Cost effectiveness.

F. The library media teacher continually evaluates and updates the collection to insure the needs of students and teachers are met. This process involves replacing antiquated materials with up-to-date acquisitions, weeding materials no longer useful, and replacing materials that are in poor condition.

G. Materials are purchased throughout the year, to provide the best service to teachers and students.

H. To familiarize students with issues they will meet later in life, the libraries provide credible and factual materials from a variety of opposing viewpoints. These materials are often controversial. Materials that are obscene or advocate overthrowing the Government of the United States shall not be included. (5-30-02)