6081.10.01 | Purpose and Objectives

The Moscow School District provides a computer network system, software, and access to the Internet as part of its curriculum resources. The use of the District's technology resources is a privilege and not a right. All network users, including students, employees, faculty, administrators and patrons or guests, are expected to agree to and use network resources for purposes appropriate to an education environment, consistent with the Internet Safety Policy 6081.20 and refrain from any use that is not consistent with the policies, purposes, or objectives of the District. Users may encounter information on electronic networks that may be perceived as offensive, controversial or potentially harmful. Given constantly changing information and sources on the networks, creating a completely safe environment is impossible. The focus of the District is to provide students with the understanding and skills to navigate safely, think critically, discriminate among sources, evaluate, and communicate information as they use electronic network resources in a manner appropriate to their age and maturity levels. (8-28-12)