6100.30 | Systems Procedure


Accepting Credits From:

  1. Correspondence/University Course - Credits will be accepted from a regionally accredited institution. If a university course is taken to meet a core graduation requirement, the course syllabus for the university course is required to be approved by counselors or the principal before enrollment. (Pre-approval is necessary because college courses do not always meet the high school syllabus.) The NCAA does not recognize credits from correspondence courses for the purpose of eligibility.
  2. Foreign Exchange Programs - Core requirements and elective credit may be earned while a student is on an approved foreign exchange program (Board Policy 6115.00, District Students Studying in Foreign Countries) provided the student produces documentation that addresses curriculum and accreditation concerns. Students considering an exchange are encouraged to meet with a high school counselor during their ninth grade year so they may be advised to enroll in U.S. History during Grade 10 to allow earning World History credit during the exchange. At no time will more than fourteen (14) credits be accepted for an academic year.
  3. Home-schooling/Examination - The opportunity to earn credit through examination will be provided as per Moscow School District Credit by Examination Policy & Procedures (Policy 6125.00). Other credit will be granted for courses meeting regional accreditation agencies' standards—i.e. Northwest Accreditation.
  4. Alternative School - State minimum requirement for graduation. (5-30-02)

Number of Hours/Credit: Moscow Middle School and Moscow High School will follow Northwest Accreditation guidelines as closely as reasonably possible. Currently, Northwest Accreditation requires 70 hours/semester credit. (7-24-12)

Definition of Accreditation: Northwest Accreditation Association standards and state accreditation standards are the current standard.

Student Enrollment: Full-time students are defined as being enrolled in a minimum of seven (7) classes per semester at Moscow Middle School and seven (7) classes per semester at Moscow High School, including university classes, work experience, and school-to-work. (7-24-12)

Home School Request for Enrolled Students: The Moscow School District will require course information. Documentation will be provided on the appropriate form. (SeeHome School Request - Dual Enrollment in the Forms Section at the end of Section VI)

Credit for Work Experience/Service Experience: Credit will be granted for any work experience or service experience program that meets the guidelines stated in the Academic Guide and any that are under the supervision of a high school teacher with the approval of the high school principal.

Credit from Universities: One (1) high school credit = two (2) or three (3) credit semester university course; two (2) high school credits = four (4) or five (5) credit semester university course.

Credit by Examination: Follow the current Policy, 6125.00. (Refer to the Procedures Section at the end of Section VI)

Weighted Grades/Reportable GPA: The Moscow School District does not recognize weighted grades. The District shall report the core GPA and the accumulative GPA.

Grade Levels and Number of Credits Required: To graduate on schedule with his/her class, a student must have a minimum number of credits to enter each grade as follows:

Grade Levels and Number of Credits Required: To graduate on schedule with his/her class, a student must have a minimum number of credits to enter each grade as follows:

Grade Credits
10 13
11 26
12 39

Students will be placed in the appropriate grade level in school based on number of credits. Exceptions may be granted by the high school principal. (7-24-12)

Annual Review: This document should be reviewed annually by the Superintendent and Administrative Council with any recommendations forwarded to the Trustees as an information item. (5-30-02)