6100.40 | Procedure for Waiver of Graduation Requirements


Waiver: The fulfillment of a course required by Moscow School District, but not the State of Idaho, due to experiences which make taking the course repetitive. A waiver does not grant credit or reduce the number of credit hours required to graduate.

Credit by Transfer: Credit awarded for a course taken at another accredited institution with content equivalent to that of a required or elective course at Moscow High School. This option may or may not meet current NCAA requirements.

Credit by Examination: Credit awarded for a course on the basis of an examination in lieu of enrollment. Credit by examination is covered by Board Policy 6125.00. Note: This option does not meet current NCAA requirements.

Credit by Substitution: Replacement of a required course with another course.

  1. Introduction. The Moscow School District grants a high school diploma to those students meeting the requirements as adopted by the Moscow School District Board of Trustees. The requirements for the granting of a diploma are chiefly those of the State of Idaho. The procedures for the granting of waivers apply only to those Moscow High School graduation requirements that supplement state requirements.
  2. Application Criteria for Physical Education Waivers. A student applying for a waiver of physical education credits must submit a written application of intent (refer to the Forms Section at the end of Section VI)to the principal or the principal's designee not less than thirty (30) days prior to the start of the semester in which the activity to fulfill the requirement is to occur. The applicant will include a plan for sustained and regular involvement in an organized and systematic physical education activity over the period for which the waiver is to be applied. This application must be signed by the student and a parent or legal guardian. The plan must show that an academic conflict exists in the four-year plan, and/or provide Section 504/IDEA documentation. A maximum of twenty four (24) applications will be granted by lottery from plans that meet the criteria set forth in Board Policy 6100.40 B. Physical activities that may be considered as organized and systematic include team and individual sports directly or closely associated with Moscow School District, club and regional team and individual sports organized by civic and non-profit organizations in the region, or under the aegis of national or local sports organizations. Other sports and fitness activities, such as dance, may qualify for waivers based on a determination by the principal or principal's designee. The waiver will be granted at the end of the semester in which the activity to fulfill the requirement is to occur based on weekly documentation, and the successful completion of the student's approved program. (6-24-08)
  3. World Geography and World History. In addition to receiving credit by transfer for courses taken abroad, students who meet the criteria in Board Policy 6115.00, District Students Studying in Foreign Countries, may receive two elective credits for the experience of studying abroad; or in lieu of credits, students may elect to use the experience of studying abroad to waive World Geography or World History (but not both) provided they submit a plan in advance as outlined in Section B.
  4. Mitigating Circumstances. The Moscow School District Board of Trustees reserves the ability to grant waivers or allow substitutions of local high school graduation requirements when the applicant has provided written evidence of overwhelming, mitigating circumstances. Such circumstances might include, but are not limited to, students with physical disabilities and transfer students. A student applying for a waiver because of mitigating circumstances must submit a written application of interest to the principal or principal's designee. The principal or designee will respond within ten (10) working days. Federal regulations require equal or comparable treatment in the public education of students with disabilities, and an opportunity to take a physical education or other course, where adaptations or accommodations can be made, based on an individual evaluation of relevant assessment information. For example, school officials are not to assume that students who wish to take a physical education course are required to be granted a waiver of this district graduation requirement, based solely on the existence of a physical or mental disability.
  5. Other Considerations.
    1. The term “high school” as used throughout this document encompasses grades 9 through 12.
    2. Waivers will not be awarded retroactively.
    3. Applicants may be granted waivers for not more than two semesters of Physical Education. (See Forms Section at the end of Section VI)
    4. It is recommended that students not apply for waivers from classes to be taken during the senior year in high school.
  6. Decisions. In the case of the principal's denial of a waiver request, students and parents/guardians have the right of appeal to the Superintendent and ultimately to the Board of Trustees.
  7. Review and Revision. These procedures will be evaluated annually for their ability to provide students with flexibility while maintaining district graduation standards. Revisions will be made based on the outcome of those evaluations. (5-30-02)