6150.10 | Student and Course Selection

District administrators, counselors, and teachers will identify those students in grades six (6) through twelve (12) who will benefit from IDLA classes.

  1. At the discretion of the Principal or designee and the Site Coordinator, students may be selected to take IDLA courses who:
    1. need to make up credits in order to graduate on schedule; .
    2. are eligible for hospital or homebound programs;
    3. are interested in advanced placement or dual credit courses;
    4. want to supplement their curriculum by taking course(s) not offered at their school;
    5. have scheduling conflicts;
    6. want to accelerate their academic program by taking additional courses to facilitate early graduation;
    7. are excused from being physically present on campus of their school of record for an extended period of time;
    8. are home schooled.
  2. Students may be denied the privilege of IDLA enrollment if:
    1. their academic and behavioral record does not indicate the academic ability;
    2. their academic and behavioral records do not indicate the self-discipline needed to succeed in online classes; or
    3. course work is available through the regular schedule as determined by the Principal or designee.
  3. The parent(s), student, and Principal must confer and agree that the course(s) selected is (are) academically and developmentally appropriate for the student and that all prerequisites as determined by the student's school of record have been completed before registration in an IDLA course. (6-24-08)