6275.30 | Coursework

Some courses or instructional activities are not possible to assist in a temporary homebound arrangement due to the necessity of completion of in-class production activities, such as: foreign languages, science or other skills-based laboratory assignments, physical education, speech-drama-debate, journalism, music, visual arts courses, and vocational education. A maximum of ten (10) hours of tutoring services per week may be provided.

  1. When unusual disabling conditions prevent school attendance of students placed in special education (for example, rheumatic fever, leukemia, severe rheumatoid arthritis, high frequency seizures) the components of the homebound program in which a student will receive services will be documented on an individual educational plan (IEP). All due process procedures pertaining to a change in plan will be followed. If a student receives assistance with school course work due to a serious emotional disturbance, homebound instruction will only be considered an appropriate education if all criteria in the State Department of Education regulations are specified in the student's IEP.
  2. Regular education course work assigned must be completed during the semester in which it is assigned or within fifteen (15) school days following the end of the semester in order to receive semester credit. Coursework required for graduation must be completed prior to the end of the semester of graduation. (2-27-01)