6307.00 | Use of District Services and/or Facilities

A public charter school may contract with the District to provide services or facilities to the public charter school. The District will charge for the services or facilities at a rate that is stipulated in the contract. If a charter school wishes to use a District facility, the parties will negotiate a contract that will, where applicable, include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. identification fo the facility;
  2. lease rate for the facility;
  3. an outline of permissible uses;
  4. provisions for joint inspection and notation of the initial condition of the facility;
  5. limitations on the permissible alterations of the facility;
  6. provisions for District inspection of the facility;
  7. determination of the operational costs to be paid by the parties, including, but not limited to, utilities, maintenance, and custodial services;
  8. determination of the manner in which the facility must be restored to its original condition at the end of the leasing period;
  9. provisions for alternative arrangements or termination of the charter school in the event the facility is damaged or destroyed;
  10. provisions for the terms, conditions and coverage of property and liability insurance. (2-27-01)