6325.00 | Review of the Public Charter Schools

The Board shall retain the right to review at least annually the degree to which the public charter school is meeting the terms of the petition. The Board may direct the Superintendent to have a District representative or an independent evaluator:

  1. visit the public charter school;
  2. review the public charter school's records and data including student achievement data using current district format;
  3. directly survey a public charter school's parents/guardians, students, employees;
  4. audit the books of the public charter school;
  5. pursue any other reasonable means of determining accountability for a public charter school contract. (6-24-08)

To enact any of the above measures, the Superintendent or designee must state the specific nature of the concern and the concern must be substantial. The request must be reasonable in terms of the timing and the amount or types of information required. (6-24-08)