7001.00 | Distribution of Materials by Outside Entities

It is the philosophy of the Board of Trustees that electronic posting of any non-school materials, dependent upon the nature and content of the materials, may indicate, at the very minimum, the appearance of endorsement by the District of such materials. All materials, regardless of format or purpose, must be approved in advance by the Superintendent or his/her designee. This includes surveys, and other publications sponsored or created by a non-school group, agency, person, and/or organization. Electronic posting of all community flyers is the preference of the District Any requests for distribution of paper copies of flyers will be determined by the Superintendent.             

In determining whether or not to allow such non-school materials to be posted to the District’s website, the following factors shall apply:

  1. The material has educational value and is not likely to interfere with the District’s educational process, its operation, or school discipline.
  2. The material serves the general public’s interest and does not promote a political, religious, commercial, or other sectarian purpose, nor create a profit for the author or sponsor.
  3. The material is age/grade appropriate and has interest or value for students and parents.
  4. The material is not inflammatory or defamatory and does not disrupt an orderly administration of the District’s education.
  5. The material does not give the appearance of being school sponsored or of reflecting the District or administration’s views.