8022.00 | School Bus Driver Training

Twenty hours of instruction are required for new drivers and ten hours for returning drivers. All drivers are required to attend annual training sessions; drivers not attending annual sessions will not be retained as bus drivers with the school district. Drivers are required to be trained in CPR skills annually and trained in first aid every three years. (See Policy 1210.00 - 1210.01 First Aid Training.) A pre-employment drug test is required before starting training (see Policy 8040.00, Drug and Alcohol Testing of Prospective and Current Drivers and 8045.00 for the District's Drug Testing Procedure). Time required for drug testing or physical examinations is the driver's responsibility and is not reimbursed by the District.

Training wages for new bus drivers are at the current District training wage until District minimum standards have been met and the driver has been approved to drive a regular route.

No driver may begin without signatures acknowledging the Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace Policy, Alcohol & Drug Testing Policy, and the District's Transportation Policy.