8040.04 | Post-Accident Testing

A driver operating a commercial vehicle for the district that is involved in a reportable accident will be tested for both illegal drugs and alcohol as soon as practical. In terms of this policy, a reportable accident means any of the following:
1. An accident that results in a fatality,
2. Someone involved requires medical treatment away from the scene,
3. One of the vehicles is towed away, 
4. There is a citation issued to either driver in connection with the accident, 
5. There are damages greater than $1500. 

Alcohol testing must be administered within two (2) hours of the accident where possible but in no case later than eight (8) hours. Drug testing must be administered within thirty-two (32) hours of the accident. 

Any driver required to be tested under this section must remain readily available for such testing and such a driver may not consume alcohol within eight (8) hours of the accident or until they have been tested for alcohol. A driver involved in an accident requiring a drug and alcohol test must notify the district contact of the accident as quickly as possible and comply with those instructions given them relative to their taking a drug and alcohol test.