8045.02 | Drug/Alcohol Specimen Collection Procedures

All testing for illegal drugs will be done by the testing of the driver's urine specimen. All such testing will utilize the split specimen collection procedure. Under that procedure, each driver will have his/her urine specimen sealed in two separate containers and both sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for testing.

If a driver's first specimen tests positive, that driver may request, within three (3) days of the positive notification, that the other specimen be tested at another SAMHSA laboratory. This second test will be done at the driver's expense unless the second test comes back negative. During the time the second specimen is being tested, the driver may be suspended without pay. Any driver who has a test come back negative on a test of their split specimen will be given back pay for the time of the suspension and will be paid for the cost of the retest.

All specimen collections will be conducted by personnel that have been instructed and trained in collection procedures set by the DOT. All testing for alcohol will be done using DOT approved alcohol testing procedures conducted by trained and qualified alcohol testing technicians.