8045.03 | Notification of Test Results

The District has arranged that all test results, both drug and alcohol, will be forwarded to the District contact through Minert & Associates, Inc., as the representative of the District, and as the representative of the Medical Review Officer (MRO).

Prior to the District being informed that a prospective or current driver has tested positive for illegal drugs, the driver will be offered an opportunity to personally discuss the positive drug test with the MRO or his representative. The MRO will follow up on such information as is appropriate. Any driver who is taking a prescription drug that may have been the cause of a positive test result will be asked to provide the name of the medication and the identity of the prescribing physician for verification. If this is verified, the driver's test result will be reported as negative. If, after consideration of the matter, the MRO finds no reason to doubt the validity of the positive test, that result will be conveyed to the District contact, as well as the identity of the drug.

If the driver cannot be located, the MRO, or his representative, may request that the District contact arrange for the driver to contact the MRO as soon as possible to discuss the results of the positive test. The MRO will communicate a positive result to the District without discussing the result with the driver if the driver expressly declines the opportunity to discuss the results of the test, or the driver is instructed by the District to contact the MRO but fails to do so within five (5) days.