8110.00 | Contracting District Transportation Services

The district can make student transportation services available to non-public or charter school students. These services will be made available only if it does not significantly impact the services to the regularly enrolled students at Moscow School District. 

The contract for such services will be in writing and will provide fees that will cover the cost of transporting the non-public or charter school students. The fees will be based on the district’s prior year per student actual cost. The contracting schools will pay the non-reimbursed per student or per mile cost as determined by the district for transporting each student.  

To support community needs, the district-owned buses may be used for non-school activities when it does not interfere with the transportation needs of the district. The district will allow the use of district-owned buses for non-school activities only when privately owned and operated transportation is not reasonably available and only in compliance with State Department of Education rules and regulations. When district-owned buses are used for non-school activities, the district will charge an amount not less than the total actual cost of operating the buses for the non-school activity. The contracting party will provide a certificate of liability insurance with the Moscow School District named as “additional insured” or in the cases of the federal government, verification that the governmental entity will assume all liability. The district retains the right to decline to provide transportation with district-owned buses.