8520.00 | Unpaid Meal Charges

The Student Nutrition Services Department (SNS) provides nourishing and enjoyable meals at a fair rate and has established payment plans and methods that are convenient to make certain that children get the nutrition necessary to support learning at school and to minimize unpaid meal charges.  As payment for meals is the responsibility of the students’ parents/guardians,  all communication regarding meal payments including unpaid meal charges will occur only between school staff and parents/guardians.  School staff, including SNS staff, are not to communicate directly with students regarding meal charges to protect students from any embarrassment or stigma that may be associated with unpaid meal charges.  School administrators and SNS staff will work together to develop procedures for collecting unpaid meal charges. This information will be communicated in writing to all parents/guardians at the beginning of each school year and when new students are enrolled.  Payments for school meals may be made by cash, check, or online using the MSD website. Fees for online payment of meal charges will be established by the MSD Business Office.