Sick Leave

Purpose: The Sick Leave Bank provides a type of payroll protection insurance to alleviate the hardship caused by absence from work necessitated by extended or recurring illness beyond the employee's accumulated sick leave. Application for use of the Bank must be submitted to the Committee for its recommendation.

The Committee shall have the authority to:

  1. determine each year the number of sick leave days each participant must contribute to keep the Bank solvent;
  2. make final decisions within the guidelines state in the Negotiated Agreement;
  3. review the request and determine the eligibility of the employee;
  4. require proof of illness at the time of application and from time to time after a grant has been made.

Meetings: Meetings are held on an “as needed” basis when applications to the Bank are received.

Membership: The Committee is composed of two members appointed by the Moscow Education Association, one classified employee, the District Business Manager, and one Trustee.

Reports To: The Sick Leave Bank Committee is an autonomous committee that has the authority to establish guidelines as it deems necessary to implement the program. Guidelines shall have the approval of the Board of Trustees, Moscow Education Association Executive Board, and the Classified Employees.